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I have Magnezone in my OU team, and I want to put Air Balloon Zoroark to trick them :D

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Sure. Just slap an Air Balloon on your Zoroark, and ensure that Magnezone is in the last slot.

Note that the Air Balloon on your Magnezone will not be seen on your Zoroark, which is why Zoroark needs to hold it.

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Apart from that, your Magnezone can hold anything. That won't be reflected in the illusion created by Zoroark.
Thanks! I just tried it out on Showdown..and I got predicted..ugh
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It wouldn't work because the item is not copied like the Pokemon and it's name are when using Zorua and Zorark. Nice try though!

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Dang, missed by a few seconds.. :P :D
~Infinity answered correctly, while you answered first.
I didn't read the question right!!!

*Rage Quits*