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My friend wants to use a regi- ce / steel / rock on his team. It will hold assault vest and be awesome in defense. Their individual movesets, EVs, nature, etc don't matter right now. They will get a baton pass from...

Gorebyss @ Leftovers
252 Def / 252 HP / 4 SpD
+ Def - Atk or SpA
Baton Pass
Iron Defense

Whichever regi has the best defenses your opinion after calculations ((2.2 x (Base Stat x 1.5) + 108) x 4) should be your answer. That formula includes 3 ID and / or Amnesia boosts and assault vest, converted all to an actual stat.

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Shell Smash + Focus Sash over Leftovers + Iron Defence + Amnesia imo. It lets you fully utilize the Assault Vest.

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I'm sorry to burst the bubble, but this will NOT work as wanted. Why?

1: The setup Gorebyss must achieve

The Gorebyss needs to be insanely lucky to get a Substitute AND both of its boosting moves with its very average bulk of 55 / 105 / 75. Almost any Electric- or Grass-type special attacks, or even powerful physical attacks granted they get a boost will hamper the strategy. Moreover, Gorebyss will be as passive as a slug trying to outspeed a cheetah while setting up. Why? Because while setting up, your opponent can prepare themselves to fight the receiver. Taunt? Whirlwind? Hazards? Toxic before the Sub? Very common strategies will disrupt the setup with no efforts. See this, as well as that.

2: The very nature of Regis golems

Those 3 are weak to Fighting-type, one of the most common types. In addition, 2 of them are weak to Ground ; 2 are weak to Fire, and 2 are weak to Steel. If the plan was to use them altogether, then there would be no synergy at all. But even then, none of the 3 would synergize with the rest of the team. They also have pathetic offensive stats and Assault Vest prevents them to boost except through Power-Up Punch. Even then, as replays demonstrate, the attack should be supereffective to do anything significant. So the strategy is a big no actually, sorry.

Now, to properly answer your question,

If your friend is adamant on using this strategy albeit pretty bad, then Registeel is his best bet.

Registeel @ Assault Vest
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Careful Nature

  • Iron Head
  • Power-Up Punch
  • Earthquake
  • ThunderPunch

TL;DR: the very nature of this strategy is pretty gimmicky and will not work.

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Excellent answer. The Regis need Megas imo, they look so baws. Imagne this: Regigigas gets a Mega Evolution. Ability? Huge Power.

Move over Rayquaza, AG has a new king.
omg why is every1 using conquest sprites?? :P
Because conquest sprites are the best. Have you seen Chandelure's?
@MechSteelix: Conquest sprites rule. I love them when they're available. That Samurott though!
@Astro: Oh yeah, Primal Regigigas. But people should move over Scizor, Luvdisc has access to priority Aqua Jet.
Besides, Huge Power Regigigas broken as hell! GF should also do Primal Arceus with an ability called Omnipotence, 50% chance to avoid the enemy's attack. Do all the setup you need to!
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From what I understand, you're asking what Regi should be used.

And I think the best one for that is Regirock.
It has naturally high Defense that can be rounded out with an Assault Vest, and with Power-Up Punch and Drain Punch, it can boost itself and keep itself alive. Here's the set I would run:

Regirock @ Assault Vest
Ability: Clear Body
Careful Nature
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Atk
-Power-Up Punch
-Drain Punch
-Stone Edge

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Based on that formula, you should run Registeel as it has the highest base SpD compared to Regice and Regirock. You could, however, run regirock as the assault vest and stat boosts would raise his SpD to balance with his base 200 defense.

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