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I mean, seriously. Serebii said it was Ubers, but...I know I shouldn't be judging him on this, but he learns FIVE MOVES! (If you count Wynaut, then 7).
So I want to know why he's in Ubers, and if Serebii was lying.


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Wynaut and Wobbuffett were in Ubers in RSE and DPP.

The reasoning was probably because they could handle attacks and turn it back with a counter or mirror coat.

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Oh that clears up everything! But just in case, can you send me a source (if you have one)?
my source is experience
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Wobbuffet hasn't been in Ubers since Gen IV, the way Smogon works is that members can vote for which tier Pokemon should be in, it isn't decided by Smogon Admins.
The reason is was in Ubers was because of its high HP and capability to shut down entire teams, with Shadow Tag, it could switch in and then shut down a Pokemon because it couldn't switch out, using Mirror Coat and Counter to damage it and encore to make it near impossible to actually KO Wobbuffet.

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Wobbuffet was often seen as overpowered due to a lack of a team preview in Generation 4 and before, so it could totally throw someone off guard, trap them, and take out something that can threaten its team.