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I've heard about Crocune, Crobro, and Crobat. (OK, so maybe Crobat doesn't belong.) I know it means CM + ResTalk + One Attack, but is that the origin of the name? And would a Bulk Up + ResTalk + One Attack fall under a "Cro" set?


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The "Cro" prefix comes from a Battler named Cromat who was famous for using RestTalk sets.
So really as long as it has resttalk its a Cro set I guess.

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Actually I'm pretty sure Cromat just invented the Suicune ResTalk set, and the rest took inspiration from "CroCune" and made other stuff.
Ik he did suicune but im pretty sure he did a few others as well
I have CroNite then 0:
... I guess nothing surprises me anymore after CroDino after all :s