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I've been breeding for a 4IV male Shellos (West Sea) with Storm Drain. So far, out of ten eggs, none of the baby Shellos have had Storm Drain! I checked, and Storm Drain is not his Hidden Ability. Normally I would put it down to the RNG, but I would assume that out of ten eggs at least one of them would have Storm Drain. But nope, just Sticky Hold. Is this just bad luck, or is there something I'm missing?

What ability does the parent have
to transfer abilities you need a female one unless you are breeding with dito
Not true i have breed a box for sheer force timburrs and i have gotten both abilities and the parents were a timburr and ditto
I said males can pass abilities with Ditto
My reading skills
It was first a Sticky Hold female, then I switched her with a Sticky Hold male (5IV). The father/mother is a Ditto, 6IV. It should be passing down both abilities.

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EDIT: After reading your most recent comment, I am forced to conclude the RNG simply dislikes you. I apologize, but you'll get it eventually!

So I have two theories.

The first operates on the following principles:
1) You are breeding Shellos with another non-Ditto species
2) The mother Shellos has Sticky Hold.
If so, here's the reason why: (from Bulbapedia)
> Starting in Black 2 and White 2, there is an 80% chance that the Ability slot of the female will be passed to the baby. For example, when breeding a female Pinsir with Hyper Cutter, the resultant Pinsir has an 80% chance of having Hyper Cutter rather than Mold Breaker. This chance does not apply if Ditto is used as either parent.

If not, then the RNG simply hates you. And I have had similar experiences, I've gone through boxes of Pumpkaboo without a single one with Frisk.

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Thanks for the clarifiation. It doesn't help that I find Shellos-West ugly as heck and they keep staring at me when they hatch.