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And also tell what things/features.


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It depends on what kind of game you like:

If you like arcade games, with little action, or games the are more of a puzzle, then I suggest you download it. It is very similar to Candy Crush, however you can catch the Pokemon, so from what I have seen or heard, it is more fun. The game is free to download, so in that regard it doesn't really matter, as you can just not playing it if you get bored.

If you like action games, such as the main series Pokemon games, I would suggest NOT to get it. If you don't like puzzle games, it will just be a waste of time, and you could be using that time to play other games that are more to your liking.

(Thanks to Astronautical for mentioning that Pokemon Shuffle is free to download :P)

Personally, I would download it. Its free, so there's nothing to lose. You can play it to pass the time, and if you were to get bored, you can just leave it.

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Pokémon Shuffle is free, other than microtransactions. Not sure if that's what you meant by "waste of money".
Thanks man, I haven't downloaded it, so I thought you have to pay. Do you mind if I edit my question? I will credit you
No problem, brother in Leafeon :)
Thanks a lot buddy!
It's dubbed "Freemium", i.e. free to play, but pay to play better.
You have time limits on your lives and you can pay for gems/ coins/ boosters etc.
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Personally, no.

It is your choice though. Its basically a Pokemon version of candy crush saga. If your not gonna spend any money, go for it. If your one of those people who spend thousands of dollars on those games, dont get it, as your gonna beat the game and basicly waste your money. I played it for about a week and stopped playing for a while as it got boring.

But it is your choice.

It features a different kind if puzzle game type like candy crush saga.

You catch the pokemon and can use them to match for different abilitys ect.

It is a waiting game and if you want to continue playing you have to wait 2 hours and 30 minutes to play 5 more times or use money (which is not reccomended as it is a "free" game)