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I asked this question in r/Pokemon like a month ago and never got a response, so I'm asking it here. I was doing the Mega Gyarados battle on the special stages of Pokemon shuffle and one time when I started up the match all the wood blocks had been replaced by these white blocks that worked exactly like the wooden blocks but were just white. Is this supposed to be able to happen?

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Did it ever happen *again*?
While I'm not 100% sure, I'm pretty sure your phone just failed to load an image properly.
Lucario it did not happen again and as soon as I got rid of them they never showed up again

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Are you sure your device wasn't just not loading it properly? I searched up if there were white blocks in Pokemon Shuffle, and nothing came up. I'm almost sure one of these two things happened; your device just didn't load completely; or it's an unknown glitch.

I'm almost sure it's the former, if this was a glitch, it would probably be a known thing. So, I'm leaning towards the theory that the game just didn't load up fully and you were left with a few blank areas of your screen.

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I think it just wasn't loading properly. I had just connected to a hotels wifi so that might have been it. The blocks didn't appear again after I got rid of them
Yeah that was definitely the problem