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In diamond(generation-4), I slathered a tree with honey, and when I came back later there was a Munchlax there. The pokedex says Munchlax has unknown location! Help me fellow human! ∴

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Yes it's supposed to happen. The only way to get Munchlax in GenIV is to either breed a Snorlax with lax incense or to get it from a Honey tree. It has like 1% of appearing (maybe less?) so it's really rare so good job getting it!

~Munchlax is awesome. :D

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Yes it can happen. Sometimes in the Pokedex they say location unknow because THEY don't know it! Rare Pokemon also come when you put honey on the tree and I'd imagine a Munlax coming. Because you know they like to eat a lot.

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