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i was testing/training my focus sashed shedinja and was attacked by a noctowl with peck. After that the focus sash disappeared. is focus sash only a one time use item?


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No, this is not a glitch. The Focus Sash is not a normal single use item, though in a regular battle in can only be used once. In Shedinja's case however, it cannot be used like that. Think about it - if it could be, Shedinja would be impossible to beat.
So basically, Game Freak made it this way to prevent Shedinja from becoming impossible to beat.

Source: Experience + common sence.

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not completely impossible because of weather and status. but i see your point.
Focus sash doesn't come back if your HP is restored to 100%, it is gone until the battle is over.
@ charizard9012: Yeah, but in this situation there was no weather.
@ B3N: Fixed.