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Has anyone else realized that x and y look more graphic. oras has soar which looks graphic but most of the caves in x and y look more graphic also x and y has benches which look graphic along with lumiose city and more like the desert looking thing with wind mills. oras looks boring.

Is this even a question?
Seems more like a rant about how oras is worst then xy
This should have been discussed in the Chat Room, this is not a question.
I thought the same thing..

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Everyone has different opinions

Some people may find ORAS has better graphics, such as soaring and mirage spots.

Some may find it the same as X and Y

And some, like you, may find that X Y is the one with better graphics.

So, there isn't really answer. Everyone has a brain (I hope xD) and so everyone can have a different opinion on the graphics.

To be honest I wasn't sure if this was even a proper question, but if you're really interested to know what people think, ask around on chat.

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