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Let's say I fully EV train a Staraptor in Pokemon Platinum.
If I transfer it over to XY will it be stronger than a fully EV trained Staraptor in XY ?

Will it be classified "hacked" due to impossible stats in gen 6 or will the stats become nerfed while being transferred ?

When you EV train Pokemon in XY/ ORAS, it's just /faster/. You achieve the same end results as you would've done EV training in Gen 4.

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No to everything. Pokemon EV trained in Gen 4 are no stronger than Pokemon EV trained in Gen 6, as the EV formula has not changed in any game after Ruby and Sapphire overhauled the Gen 2 system.

So the Pokemon will not be any stronger, and it should pass through PokeBank with no problems given that it possesses no illegal traits. What made you think Gen 4 Pokemon were stronger?

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