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Also, what happens if I try to trade an incompatible mega stone to XY? Please don't question my curiosity.

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technically the blazikinite can be traded down because of an event where a hidden ability torchic was distributed that was holding the blazikinite. I am not sure if the other starters mega evolutions are in the code though
The Blazikenite is not an ORAS Mega Stone.
Has to be hacked for that to happen.
Has to be hacked for what to happen? By "hack", do you mean change the ROM or change the save file?
It's your answer. Why would Pokemaster know what you were thinking when you wrote it?
you can't transfer the latiasite because its an ORAS mega stone

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Also note that the Blazikenite IS NOT an OR/AS Mega Stone as it was an event in X/Y
Proof that the Blazikenite is an X/Y Mega Stone

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i like how i commented on how i thought the blazidenite was an ORAS mega stone and almost every other commet says im wrong. and now this, my life XD
What happens if I try to trade another ORAS mega stone over to XY?
It gives the same message (or almost the same message) as if you try to trade a Pokémon that knows an ORAS tutor move if I remember right.
What message would that be? (I've never played any 3DS games)