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>It has also been confirmed in an interview with NTower that, although X & Y are compatible with Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, X & Y will not receive a patch to include the new Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversions.

Does that mean Mega Stones can't be traded? I just can't believe it to be true.

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Doesnt it say "no ORAS Question"?
Doesn't what say?
Before you ask a question, it says no question about ORAS

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It means that X and Y and ORAS are compatible for trading, but X and Y will not be receiving an update to make it possible to have newly introduced Mega Stones such as Swapertite in X and Y, but you can still trade Mega Stones to ORAS, I assume.

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I've battled a mega latios before, then how is it possible?
[email protected] are coded in X/y's code
Bad example then, but you get the point.
So far only the [email protected] codes were found in the game data, and no other ORAS  megas. I'm guessing they will be available at some point in X/Y…?