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I was watching a YouTube walkthrough for Pokemon Omega Ruby and this guy commented saying something among the lines of "Don't want to give spoilers, but after you beat the champion and it goes to the home screen, turn the system off. You will not regret it." I commented, asking him what he meant, but when he replied, he didn't give much more info. Another guy said that it matters what Pokemon I have and that I should try it with Aggron (don't know if I spelled that right.) And no one told me what happened! If you know can you please tell me? If it's something really good, I don't want to miss out on it.

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Here is the video.

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What I think will happen, is you will have to restart. When you start battling the elite four, you will notice that they insert intervals between each member, that allows you to recharge and more. Use this time to save. But, when you reach the champion, you will notice that you can't stop and save like normal. You would have to wait until the end of the pictures, conversations, credits, etc., until you see the save icon. Therefore, if you take your game off while the champion is talking, there is a high chance that you would have to battle him again, or whenever the last time you saved. The only thing I can tell you is, WAIT! Don't try to rush it. Same thing might happen if your game freezes or shuts off. If it doesn't make it passed the save point, OH WELL.
When you reach passed to the home screen, whether you take it off or leave it, the same effect will occur. Nothing good or extra will happen.

Hope I helped! :)

I don't think this is what she's talking about.
The person in the comments said: " Depends of what kind of Pokémon you had in your team. What about Aggron? Is a good choice." That doesn't really sound like what you're saying.
Oh, Thanks! By the way, whatever pokemon you have in your team doesn't matter. Trust me, I used aggron against the elite foue/champion. Nothing big happened.