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I know that choice scarf mons are revenge killers, and I know that specs and bands are wall breakers. But I would like clarity on some disheartening rhetoric that "choice-locked" sweepers are a thing. Is this true? Please help meh.

*cough* Specs Sylveon *cough*
No @Astronautical choice band locked protect is where its at
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Actually, there is no such thing as a choice-locked sweeper. In rare scenarios, choice-locked Pokemon can potentially sweep a team that didn't prepare for it enough, but this does not necessarily classify them as sweepers.
Every choice items creates a specific role for the Pokemon wielding it, and sweeping isn't one of them. Sweeping can however become their role in a match by random if they happen to be able to plow through or certain team, but this is more commonly referred to as cleaning, this separating these 2 concepts is of vital importance
As you have clarified yourself, choice scarfed Pokemon tend to be revenge killers, but in the list below, I will clarify what common roles are produced by the choice-items

Choice Scarf

  • Revenge killers
  • Cleaners
  • Offensive Pivots (When used in conjunction with U-turn)
  • Special / Physical / Mixed attacker
  • Glass Canon
  • Attacking Lead
  • Scout
  • List item

Choice Specs

  • Wall-breaker
  • Special attackers

Choice Band

  • Physical attacker
  • Wall-breaker

Choice-locked Pokemon are usually not designed to be sweepers, and despite the possibility existing of them assuming the role, they usually serve the above.

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Refers to how the held items Choice Band, Choice Scarf, and Choice
Specs limit a Pokémon to use only one of its moves. A Pokémon is said
to be "Choice locked" into a specific move if forced to use it by a
Choice item

It can only use one move because its been Locked in.
Choice-Locked Sweepers are Sweepers that are limited to only one move.

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