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So I decided that I wanted to play some more LC, and got a very good team yet. But I want a super strong sweeper in my team that can (like the title says), sweep entire teams. I came up with a strategy that worked really nicely, but I want to see if you guys have some better ideas for me. Here is my set:

Onix @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Sturdy
Level: 5
EVs: 76 HP / 236 Atk / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Rock Polish
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Explosion

I'm pretty happy with this set, and I already got a sweep with it in showdown. Here's a link if you wanna see him in action:

Thanks for your feedback!

I think you should replace rock polish and stone edge with stealth rock because Onix is already fast enough for most stuff and rock blast to break substitutes and focus sashes.
Yes now don't ask that here and test it yourself because this is just my opinion so this does not really mean anything so go and experiment. Try new things and good luck with your sweep :)

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So first things first, I've watched the replay and I think you got a good strategy going on here. I agree with the Weakness Policy since Onix has a lot of weaknesses, and Sturdy is definitely great to help raise Spd. after starting off with the move Rock Polish.

Personally, I think that Onix is the best choice for this LC strategy because he is able to withstand an attack with it's Def, otherwise hold on with Sturdy if hit by a Sp. Atk move; thus ensuring that he's always able to move with Rock Polish.

When looking at your moves, I think that Explosion is unnecessary. I like Earthquake and Stone Edge, but you may want to replace Explosion with maybe Iron Tail. Stealth Rock and other status moves are OK, but the likeliness of Onix fainting will be close to certain, after following it with Rock Polish. So, if you do decide to use Stealth Rock, maybe have another Pokemon in your team that knows it.

Also with your EV's, I think you should max Atk and Spd Ev's, and not HP. The reason is, you already have Sturdy, so you should withstand the attack anyways. Having 252 Ev's in Spd and Atk will definitely make it more unstoppable.

That being said, everything else looks fine. Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)

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Thanks for your feedback! Thing is... EV's in LC are a little different and I couldn't max out the Attack, otherwise I would have done that of course. Explosion is Always my suicide option. I think I should try out Iron Tail like you did. Anyway, thanks for answerring my question! :D
Well, I don't know much about EV's in concern to LC, but I'll trust what you said. Anyways, I think you should just convert some HP EV's to Spd, since your strategy kind of revolves around that. But anyways, glad to help!
Yeah the original EV spread was much better, just so you know.