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Meet Shaymin-Sky, the cutest Ubers Pokemon.

Is Shaymin-Sky any viable in Ubers?

I don't play a lot of Ubers, but I've never seen a single Shaymin-Sky in any team. Literally, it's the only Pokemon barring Greninja I haven't seen in Ubers so far. That questioned me.
It has definitely appealing stats.

  • Middling 100 / 75 / 75 bulk by Ubers standards allows it to take a hit or two before dying, unlike other frail Pokemon such as Greninja or Blaziken.
  • 103 Attack stat; it won't use it, yes, but 103 is pretty solid.
  • Best for the last, 120 / 127 offensive stats. It hits as hard as Blaziken from the special spectrum of offensive (unboosted) and is faster than Arceus, once of the fastest Ubers Pokemon.

It has Serene Grace as ability; coupled with its two signature STABs, Air Slash and Seed Flare, enemies should watch their backs. A 60% chance of flinching is scary, and as much chance to reduce foe's special defense as Hydro Pump missing is even scarier. On the switch, that can cripple a Pokemon very hard.

Now, its dual STAB aren't very impressive as far as coverage goes.
But still; what makes Skymin so unseen in Ubers?


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Simply this: There are other (better) Pokemon out there.

Yeah, I admit, Shaymin Sky is pretty impressive, but most of its powers depend on Serene Grace. Also, a total of 600, while quite good, is nothing compared to more than 15-20 Pokemon boasting of 680 Base Stats, and a whole TON of mega Pokemon. These Pokemon, like Rayquaza, and ExtremeKiller Arceus, they pack a huge punch, and they do massive damage. And they are fast. Let's face it, without a Choice Scarf, Shaymin cannot outspeed the likes of Rayquaza, etc. A choice scarf locks it into its move, and given that Grass doesn't have as good coverage as say, Fire, or neutrally effective Dragon, or even the new Fairy type attacks. Its main STAB is also countered by lots of Pokemon that are 2x or even 4x resistant to Grass (Looks at Ho-oh, and Lugia).

Seed Flare is negated by Ho-oh/ Multiscale Lugia, and Protean Greninja kills it before it can become a threat.

That said, it can abuse its powers, but hey, in the long run, other Pokemon prove more effective. A few months ago, Shaymin Sky was quite active, and now, due to Primal Groudon/ Kyogre and the new race of Mega Pokemon, it just lost its place to the competition.

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Thank you.