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So I was about to win against some one, when 'communication was interrupted' comes up and the battle ended then and there. When I moved on to search for another battle, it appeared the last battle didn't count even as a battle, much less win/lose. What happens to the other person's online stats? If this is how people are getting good online win stats, this needs to be fixed, NOW.


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Rage Quitting? > Tantrum Reset

You're experiencing a degree of anger that causes a person to utterly get annoyed with the game and they may even yell such words, hacks! (hax) , cheater!!, and even the occasional "frustrated groan."

Currently what happens is, whoever disconnects gets that loss counted against them. It doesn't benefit you to rage.

Source: Battling Online, Source

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Consolation prize, I guess. Rage quitting, yes that's the one, thanks. Nice to know they don't get away with it at their end. It's just poor form, really.
No problem, glad to have helped!