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Seriously, this majestic creature deserves more love.

It's a Bug Fire Pokémon for crying out loud!

It's stats are good, is movepool not too shabby, with some good Special moves.

You could literally slap onto it this set, set up a sunny day with a partner 'mon, play this song and just watch as this thing wrecks everything in its path!

Solaire / Praise Me@ Leftovers


Role: God

Trait: Flame Body

EVs: Sp.Atk/ Spe/ either HP or Sp.Def

Timid Nature

  • Quiver Dance
  • Bug Buzz
  • Fiery Dance
  • Solarbeam/ Giga Drain

So now, tell me Database, why o why is this grossly incandescent Sun Pokémon so overlooked?

I am waiting for your answers!

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Oh God I didn't notice!
Sorry, I was thinking about Solaire so the Jolly nature didn't seem so strange.
I meant timid, but Jolly would have made the joke perfect
Which battle format are you looking for?
I'm sorry I had to :/
The sun is a mass of incandescent gas XD
I've used volcarona quite some time now and honestly I can keep him together in the top tiers as metagross salamence tyranitar etc. If you observe each of these Pokemon except meta has a 4 times weakness no doubt. And there are Pokemon who can counter each of them . I feel like I haven't had any issues with volcarona even with rocks because I'm not stupid enough to match volcarona with any rock type user. Just as someone isn't stupid enough to match salamence with weavile for example. Volcarona honestly is one of the most unique Pokemon and also the only*  fire type Pokemon who has base 100 speed and 135 sp.atk

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Okay, first of all I want to say that whoever says bad things about Volcarona is spewing Garbador bullcrap. Volcarona is one of the coolest Pokémon of all time (subject to opinion < disregard that, rest assured whoever wrote that was fired), and has really cool typing. But life ain't a walk through the Sitrus fields; there will be roadbumps. Unfortunately, Volcarona's path is bumpier than most. She is plagued by the omnipresent Stealth Rock as well as the likes of Rotom-W and Talonlfame. Life for Volcarona is tough; she can no longer force switches and set up Quiver Dances like she used to. Poor gal, looks like the end of the line for her.

What ho? Is that hope I see on the horizon?

Yes it is, there is indeed hope for the majestic fire moth. This hope resides in a land far away from OU, UU, et cetera. This hope is found in my area of expertise: VGC.

Hold up. VGC is Doubles, right?

Yes it is. This is probably the most ideal environment for Volcarona at the moment, since she has the benefit of a partner Pokémon to help her out. By far the best partners are Swampert and Aegislash. I will explain why in a bit. First, I will analyse the benefits and un-benefits of Vacarona in VGC.

+) Spread Heat Wave is a big plus.
+) She actually has pretty good bulk, and works well with Sitrus Berry or Rocky Helmet.
+) Stealth Rocks are a no-show in VGC.
+) Bug is a very niche, but very useful offensive typing. It lets her target Mega Gardevoir, Cresselia, Weavile, Venuasur, Tyranitar, Gothitelle and Mega Gyarados super-effectively.
+) Flame Body is great in this physically-biased meta, inflicting Burn hax on the likes of Bisharp, Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Metagross.

-) Landorus-Therian is everywhere, and with Landorus comes Rock Slide.
-) Terrakion is also quite popular.
-) Bulky Water types like Rotom, Milotic and Suicune run loose, terrorizing Volca with Scald and Hydro Pump.
-) There are overall better Fire-types to use in most situations. Arcanine has a vast support movepool and Intimidate. Charizard brings the Sun. Rotom-H has better typing.

Is it possible for Volcarona to overcome these negatives?

Of course, with the proper support. The fire moth loves three things:

• Fake Out or redirection to help her set up Quiver Dance
• Wide Guard to stop Rock Slides
• Intimidate support to buff her Defence

Here are some good partners for Volcarona, starting with the best two:

Swampy here has Wide Guard to halt Rock Slides, plus the handy Ground/Water typing that cover Volca's main weaknesses. In turn, she takes care of most Grass types with Bug Buzz after a Quiver Dance.

Aegislash is runner-up. He also gets Wide Guard, plus Steel STAB for Rock-types. However, he can't scratch the bulky Waters and the two share a weakness to Landorus.

image image
Storm Drain is always nice, redirecting the Water attacks for a handy Quiver Dance setup. Gastrodon is nice and bulky and shares the same typing as Swampert, while Cradily also handles Rock-types with Giga Drain. He does share a Landorus weakness, however.

image image
Intimidate + Fake Out all in one neat little package. These two bad boys do about the same thing: Fake Out to allow a Quiver Dance to go up, Intimidate to buff her Defence, and Fighting STAB to handle Rock-types.

image image
Fianlly we get to the two redirectors. Amoongus has the benefit of Spore and Giga Drain for Rock-types, while Togekiss has speed control via Thunder Wave or Tailwind, the Fairy typing and Serene Grace Air Slash – however, she shares a Rock Slide weakness with Volcarona.

So what is the best set for Volcarona?

There's really only two sets Volcarona can run, bulky or offensive.


Majesty (Volcarona)@ Sitrus Berry/Rocky Helmet
Flame Body | Bold
HP, Defence and Sp. Defence investment
- Will-o-Wisp
- Fiery Dance
- Bug Buzz
- Protect

Bulky Volca is meant to spread Will-o-Wisp Burns. Fiery Dance is STAB and has a chance to nab a boost, Bug Buzz is STAB and Protect is mandatory. There should typically be no offensive EVs on Bulky Volcarona, as her purpose is to live, and let her teammates handle threats.


Glory Blaze (Volcarona)@ Sitrus Berry/Rocky Helmet/Focus Sash
Flame Body | Timid
Sp. Attack, Speed and possibly HP investment
- Quiver Dance
- Heat Wave/Fiery Dance
- Bug Buzz
- Protect

Offensive Volcarona is all about KOs. Ther should be little to no defensive EVs on offensive Volcarona, as they cause you to miss out on important KOs and outspeeding foes. Quiver Dance is your obvious setup move. Heat Wave or Fiery Dance is your Fire STAB, or you could run the risky Fire Blast for more power. Bug Buzz is Bug STAB and Protect is Protect.

There you have it. Volcarona, the majestic fire moth that she is, does have a purpose somewhere. Even though she is generally outclassed by most other Fire types, that shouldn't stop you from bulding a team around her or trying to fit her in one.


We will never lose faith, Volcarona.

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For all your Gen VI needs :D
Um... adding on a little. Volcarona + Kangaskhan is a pretty solid offense as well, because Moth also learn Rage Powder. I'm no expert, but I've heard people talking about it.
I love that you spelt Garbodor wrong. It's so dreadfully ironic.
Why are you saying "she"? Volcarona has a 50/50 gender ratio, and it doesn't look at all feminine or masculine. It's a moth.
I share your opinion as well.many people overlook how many pseudo legendaries have 4 times weakness to an element but immediately notice volcaronas weakness. All you gotta do is not be stupid enough to switch vol against a rock type or a Pokemon who can use rock type. It's the same as how you wouldn't switch in a salamence against a faster ice type like weavile for example
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Volconara does get good sweeps sometimes, but it is over looked because of these things:

-1/2 health lost to stealth rocks
-4x weakness to rock type
-Better Pokemon to choose
-cannot find in wild ever since gen 5
-evolves VERY late
-find larvesta only in mirage spots for ORAS

So in conclusion, volconara is just not good enough for competitive, but is great for in-game.

"Connot find in the wild ever since Gen 5"
"Find Larvesta only in Mirage Spots for ORAS"

So Mirage Spots aren't "the wild" anymore? lol
Volcarona is great in competitive, the only thing I see wrong with it really are the first two. You want an easy Volcarona? Chain until you get a Larvesta in the 50's freshly caught.
I see your points.
We may not share the same view on Volcarona, but I appreciate your answer!
Are you SERIOUSLY counting "better Pokémon to choose"?! That's outrageous! That's implying that you should never use a Pokémon if other Pokémon are better than it!
Outcassed, maybe, but Volcorona is not. Evolving late has no effect on competitive battles :P
Evolving very late adds to the coolness of having a larvesta because it makes you feel accomplished wiphen you finally get your larvesta to level 59. As stated before, if not many people know it exist and  choose other Pokemon, they won’t know what to use to take down a volcarona. Also, if you run the focus sash swarm combo with big buzz and quiver dance, then you can easily take out a lot of Pokemon if you do it right. Not to mention that volcarona has really good speed, sp attack and sp defense, which you don’t see much. Also volcarona is pretty much meant to either really wear down a tank or to take out some really annoying Pokemon on the opponents team.
I think I need to correct you there volcarona is not good in-game but great in competitive. And a lot of pseudo legendAries are 4 times weak to something Tyranitar salamence etc. Honestly Pokemon is about how you play and exploit advantages and work around weaknesses