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I would like to have the HM moves while avoiding any HM slaves, because I would prefer if all my pokémon had at least 2 decent moves to use in battle. I don't need all the HMs, though. Here is a list of the HMs and whether I need them or not. (I am playing Alpha Sapphire)

-Cut: Not needed, I do not need to use any of the shortcuts
-Fly: Not needed, Eon flute can be used instead
-Surf: Needed for crossing the large amounts of ocean in Hoenn
-Strength: Needed, but not very important
-Flash: Not needed for any reason at all
-Rock Smash: Not needed, I am not interested in smashing rocks to get items and they only get in my way on one route, which I can easily fly over instead
-Waterfall: Needed (can be removed though, only needed to access secret base)
-Dive: Needed for diving

So the HMs are surf, dive and waterfall, maybe strength too if it could be placed in.

Here are my Pokemons moves (HM moves not listed)

-Sludge Wave
-Hydro Cannon

-Hyper Beam
-Tri Attack
-Zap Cannon

-Aura Sphere
-Extreme Speed

-Hydro Pump
-Sheer Cold
-Origin Pulse

-Hydro Pump

-Diamond Storm

Since I am still new to pokémon, I am not sure how I can keep my pokémon with strong moves while still having the HMs I need. If theres an HM that I should or shouldnt have, suggestions for that would be helpful. Any other move suggestions would be great too!

You have Togekiss and Diancie! Lucky!
Togekiss i got from the old lady that gives you eggs, so you can get one too if you have the game. She is in lavaridge town and gives you the togepi egg after you take the wynaut egg and encountered kyogre/groudon
Oh, that's great! Thank you so much!

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Being that this is an in-game team give: (My assumption as you didn't give enough info like stats)

  • Surf to Swampert
  • Dive to Swampert

Reason: You had two open slots for it so I filled it in. Also it will get STAB.

  • Strength to Empoleon

Reason: Again, open slot.

Kyogre has Waterfall already.

See? That wasn't hard decision making.

Hopefully I've Helped!

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Sorry if it was a stupid question, i used to have all the HMs but i got rid of them and posted the question, forgetting that i didnt have my team clogged up with HMs anymore. Apologies! :(
It's okay! :) Your question isn't stupid. I've been asked stupid questions I know one when I see or hear it.