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I was just about to get my mew for somthin but then I look in all my boxes and it waqsn't there! I checked battle box and all the day cares and it wasnt there plz help me

Was it hacked? HAcked Pokémon tend to vanish.
Did you accidentally trade it?
I got it from a guy who uses powersaves soo maybe it did vanish

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You may have accidentally moved it, there is a search option which may help you find it.

Go to your PC enter - Lanette's PC - Organise Boxes - Press Y - Set Pokemon to "Mew"

This will then blackout all of your Pokemon that aren't Mew making it easier to find.

If that doesn't work maybe you traded it or put in the GTS.

Aside from that I don't really know, if it was hacked in there may be a few ways it could have disappeared.

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like what if hacked?
nvm My brother stole it lol XD