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If a Pokemon has the stats of a legend (Besides goodra and slaking be cause of ability)
so why aren't megas considered pseudo legends?

goodra is a pseudo legendary but slaing is not.
I agree with tanbrae

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Because they dont fit the pseudo criteria. For a Pokemon to be a pseudo it must:
-Be a 3rd stage Evolution
-Have a BST of 600
-have 1,250,000 exp at lvl100

only a few megas come from a 3rd stage evo and only a few if any have a BST of 600 or a max exp of 1,250,000

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Mega evolved Pokemon aren't really ACTUAL Pokemon. They don't have original names, I'm fairly sure that they aren't registered by the pokedex, and they're just upgraded versions of Pokemon that you can only use in battle. As a result, they don't really count as actual Pokemon, and thus, can't be grouped in categories such as pseudo-legendaries.

Hope I helped!