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They must me normal trainers so they cannot be:

Gym Leaders
Team Aqua/Magma Members
Elite 4 Members
The Champion
Battle Maison People

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Does it have to be final stage or could it be something like gible or goomy
The answer is in the question
Well i dont think any, unless very few have the final stages but ill try
Ace Trainers usually have Pseudos.
Be, not me

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-Aroma Lady Thyme with Goodra (Mauville Food Court)
-Lorekeeper Zinnia, First Battle with Salamance (Granite Cave)
-Lorekeeper Zinnia, Second Battle with Goodra and Salamance (Sky Pillar)
-Dragon Tamer Nicolas(I think that's his name), Second Battle with Salamence (Meteor Falls)

That's it for all trainers in ORAS.

Source: At the end of this page there is a list of Trainer Classes in ORAS, I flipped through all of them and spotted the pseudo-legends.

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