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Say you have a Charmander. You EV train it with 252 Sp. A/252 Spd/4 HP. Then you level it up to level 100 as a Charizard.
Then, say you have a different Charizard. Same IVs, nature, characteristic etc. as the Charmander, except it's level 100. You use a reset bag on it, then Ev train it with 252 Sp. A/252 Spd/4 HP. Would the two Charizards have the same stats at level 100?


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Simple answer. Yes.

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Oh cool! Can I ask your source though?
No source is needed. It's basic knowledge. Every charizard has the same base stats. It doesn't matter if it was a Charmander first or not. If both charizard have exactly the same IVs, nature and characteristic, when they are both at level 100, they will both have exactly the same stats.
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OK. I think it might change but under these conditions. If your charizard who is level 100 has a certain amount of EV, it sticks with that.
I think if you use the reset bag on it, it allows you to rebuild up your Pokemon. By using a reset bag - I might be wrong but you could go back to level 1. If not, then it's something else.
The reset bag allows you to re-control your Pokemon. For example, several bags in super training such that lets you increase attack, defense, speed etc. helps you boost these stats. When you reach level 100, BOOM!, no more stat changes. This way, you can decide to train it and focus more on attack, defense etc. - whatever you want. It might result in the same stats, depends on what you do with it.

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No it only resets your stats.
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Yes, but your stat won't experience the great 63 point boost until they are lvl. 100, not to mention that if you Super Train it will be boring and long. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes but you won't get the full benefit until charmander/charizard reaches lvl. 100.

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Base stats don't change, the only thing that affects them are EV's IV's and Nature, if all of these are the same then the stats will be exactly the same.