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I never tried it but I'm curious, if you raise a Pokemon to level 100 and let it stay that way, is it possible for it to evolve without stones and such?


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A Pokemon can evolve at LV 100 if it evolves through an elemental stone(Water Stone, Fire Stone etc..). If it is through LV, then no it cant. For example, you raise a Voltorb to LV 100, but you can't evolve it anymore no matter what you do. A Pokemon cant evolve by itself if it needs a stone, you need to give it the stone to evolve it. Trading works the same way as Stones, you can evolve it if it evolves with Trading with or without an item.

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what about happiness
Happiness will not work in this case.
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In Sword and Shield, it is now possible to evolve Pokemon that evolve via level up at level 100. Just use a Rare Candy on the Pokemon you want to evolve. While the Pokemon's level will not increase, it will still evolve.