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It will take forever without your help, so please help me.

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I have a level 100 Serperire.It toke a while.
fastest way...try trading

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Train against pokemon higher levels then them. If you are lucky enough to have a lucky egg, use that too.

What is a lucky egg?
It's an item that gives your pokemon 1.5 times as much experience points, making training even faster. the problem is it's really difficult to find.
Where is it?
It is found on wild chansey ( a 5% chance for one holding it) and chansey are rare to begin with.
Is there any way to increase the chance of finding them on wild chansey?
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Have a fainted pokemon with compoundeyes ability to lead your party

have pokemon with frisk in the 2nd place in the party to check for items

and a pokemon with covet to steal it

this is what I do when I want miracle egg

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Well why not try doing a chain, and when you find a chansey just catch them all. Then when your done catching all the chanseys you wanted to catch. Just go to your invortory and look at all the chansey's items. It'll probably give you like 2% - 3% rate of getting ' Lucky Egg '

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In Black and White Professor Juniper gives you a lucky egg! :D