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I have a bunch of Pokemon that I need to get to level 100 so I can hyper train them and killing Chanseys and Blisseys is so annoying because the exp gain gets lower the higher the level of my Pokemon is. Pokepelago is even slower because it only adds one or two levels and that takes an entire day. So my questions are:

  • Is there a way to boost the exp gain from these chanseys? If so then how?
  • What are other methods of leveling up quickly? Please don't say festival plaza because I can never understand how this thing works
And my pokemon was already holding a lucky egg when I was killing Chanseys and it is still so slow
Roto-EXP boosts it by I believe an extra 1.5x (I could be wrong on that exact number). As long as it’s active when the battle starts, it’ll last throughout the entire battle regardless of how long it is.
Thanks I forgot about this one. It really made things a lot faster

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The fastest way is by using Rare Candies or the equivalent (and multi-pack versions) available from Rare Kitchens in Festival Plaza, provided you have enough of those to bridge the gap from the current level all the way to 100. (You can also buy Rare Candies at the various beaches for 48 BP each, but that's not a very efficient use of BP.)

If you don't have enough, you're stuck using the various battles for their experience yields, which diminish as you get closer. The best sources available are Chansey chains (level 54-57) and repeat trips through the league (level 66-70), which are slow progress as you get into the 90s but still faster than anything else.

Do sun and moon use the same experience mechanics as black and white?
I'm pretty sure gens 6 and 7 use a formula different from all earlier gens.
The "new" formula is used in 5, 7, and 8. The old formula, which didn't factor in your own level to scale the rewards up or down, was used in 1-4 and 6.
Chansey + Lucky Eggs + max Happiness + Exp. Share is the best method, right?