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New evolution only recently discovered. Looks to be dependent on moves used in battle, so I'm guessing I should be able to bring in a level 100 Primeape from HOME as soon as that's a thing we can do, and it can evolve?

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No, after using Rage Fist 20 times, you have to level it up to evolve. Seeing it can’t level up, it can’t evolve.

Source: Just Google “how to get Annihilape”

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In Gen 8, it is possible to evolve level 100 Pokemon that require a level up to evolve by using a Rare Candy on them. It is likely this feature carries to Scarlet/Violet.
Bruh, you can’t use rare candy to evolve, why was I down voted?
Prove it
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Actually, YES you can...
If any Pokemon is at level 100 and requires a level up to evolve, you can use a rare candy on it to trigger evolution

you cant i tried
@Tyler2002H: Could you provide a source?
You really can’t. That’s only in Sword and Shield

Source of rare candy being used to evole a level 100 Pokemon. This is the correct answer.