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My alpha saphire and omega ruby games apparently code for the same base. They're on the same DS so does that mean anything?

Do you mean the QR code?
Yes, sorry.

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The only reason I could think of is that they're registered under the same friend code(you). Every console has it's own friend code once you made a mii - assuming you did that. You can probably access different secret bases if the qr codes slightly change, other wise, it's the friend code.

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The QR codes don't have anything to do with the Friend Codes, the QR are offline, all the data is stored within them, it doesn't have to look anything up online or connect to the console.
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Due to the way QR codes are generated, if you have the same layout in the same base in both your games along with the same IGN, then the codes will be identical.

Since you don't have to be online to use QR codes it won't be because they are registered on the same console as there isn't any interact between the consoles once the code is scanned, i.e. It's standalone not server based.

Another explanation could be that they are not the same but look very similar, again, due to how they are created and them being for the same purpose in this case, a large amount of the code could be identical with only a few parts changing.