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Roost "fails" when your HP is full, so I was wondering...

You lose flying type when you use roost?
Yes, for the turn.

i.e. If it was Zapdos vs. Torterra, and Zapdos used Roost, Tortarra could hit Zapdos with Earthquake.

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You remain a flying type.

If you Roost at full health, Roost will fail and as such the effect from Roost won't take place and you'll remain a flying type.

I run flying leads so I can get Tailwind up and I've tried to predict being outsped many times, so I've had this happen to me, I also tried it ingame just to double check.

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When you use Roost at full health, you don't lose your flying type ability, no matter your health.

I hope that I was helpful!

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I read the question wrong, so it's probably the other way around...
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Unless you give me concrete proof, this isn't gonna get BA. A Showdown replay would work.