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So, I've noticed that in the latest generations Game Freak has decided to differentiate males Pokémon from females.

This is quite interesting indeed, because some particulars truly make the difference obvious, while others are really hard to spot.

Thus here is my question:

What are the pokémon that have differences between Male and Female gender?
Are those differences only in the front sprite?

Please, if you can, post both genders sprite

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I'm waiting for your answer Database!

To answer the question on meme, sometimes they can tell the gender if their Pokemon uses Attract in battle. Some how their trainer may know and in battle they'll say, "(hardy laugh) you didn't know Excadrill's a girl!! That's why you Snivy's attract failed!" >.> "Snivy's a girl?" From then on our trainer knew that his Snivy had been a girl.  That has happened in the anime before too. XD

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Gen I Pokémon

• Rhyhorn

Gen II Pokemon


Gen III Pokémon


Gen IV Pokemon


Gen V Pokemon


Gen VI Pokemon


XD that took ages lol, probs the longest I ever spent on an answer. Sorry man, I cant include the sprites, it would take super long and make the answer reaaalllly long
Needs Update. Also it is convenient if it is mentioned as Raichu line instead of mentioning both Pikachu and Raichu?
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There is a lot of male and female Pokemon who you can notice differences of, and some you may have trouble making out. But, here is the a list of Pokemon who have a distinct difference.
If you can't make it out, just search it up.

Hope I helped!