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Like... If I really wanted an icy snow patterned vivillion, where in the real-world would I need to be, with the pattern determined by your real-world location when it was generated?
Is it random or not figured out yet?
Does it depend on the kind of place you're in, like getting savanna patterned vivillons if you live in a savanna? Not sure about this because my friend got a polar patterned one, and she doesnt live in a cold or polar or very north place, and neither do I.
Also, is there any way to get pokeball or fancy vivillons now that the event is over, other than trading (because I dont think many would be wanting to give them away)?


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This map has the location for all of them.
Icy snow would be Finland Sweden and Northwest Canada.

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Icy snow was just an example, but thanks! What vivillion would you get at the blank white spots, though? Like the huge blank spot in asia
There is no canada vivillon lol
Actually, I think that you get Vivillons based on where you live. I think you also get Vivillons by events.
I know, a link of the vivillon map was put already and you get the pokeball and fancy ones from events. I just wondered what would happen if you lived in one of the blank spots on the map. Btw, i am not going to collect all of them, i just wanted to know.  I cant go on a world tour just to find non-existant butterflies.
Canada!!! Woooooo!!!