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would giving a choice scarf on a maxed speed accelgor with me first work well. it will go first no matter what it even out speeds deoxys speed by a base 30 speed and me first does the move the opponent was about to use but does it with greater damage and increased by 50% percent so it's like having a choice scarf and a choice band.


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Accelgor with a benficial nature and 252 Evs in Speed has the base speed of 427. It's fast enough. Besides Me First is not viable. I have my funny reason:

My friends were battling one day (this was before I met them) in Pokemon B2W2 and one of them had a Me First Mewtwo, the other an Explosion Skuntank. If you put two and two together you know what happened. They sent me the replay and to this day I can still imagine the exploding Mewtwo.

It's better to give it a Life Orb. Now you have Speed and Power!

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Accelgor is fast enough to be used without a choice scarf so it would just be a waste of the item. And if you're choice locked into Me First then you're just set up fodder. Me First isn't all that reliable. Good players will easily work around accelgor. And who would pit an accelgor against a deoxys in the first place?
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