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M-Sceptile's Physical movepool is a little overlooked. It has access to a pretty good range of Physical Moves.
However its Attack Stat falls slightly below its Special Attack Stats. Physical M-Sceptiles has a slight element of suprise.

Special M-Sceptile is more commonly seen as it makes great use of HPs. It has an O.K Special Movepool and impressive Special Stats.

This is for Competitive by the way .


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I wouldn't say 35points is 'slightly' below it's Sp.Att, it's a pretty big difference.

But the main problem is Sceptile only has 2 STAB physical moves, Leaf Blade & Dragon Claw, (I'm not including Dual Chop), which both fall well below expectation compared to it's Special STABs, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse & Giga Drain.

Sceptile can also make good use of a Giga Drain/Toxic set.

Basically, it's just built as a Special Attacker.

With all that said, it's not impossible to make use of a Physical Attacker, the suprise aspect of it doesn't really make that much difference unless you're predicting a Sp.D wall/staller but it does have Earthquake & Swords Dance in it's arsenal.

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It also has Outrage and Seed Bomb tho....
It can also try setting up with Sword Dance
Well my answer is only a guide, you should build whatever set you want, just outlying where the advantages lie (which it needs to take advantage of to be competitive), even it's ability boosts it's Sp.Att
Okie Dokie thanks :)