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I wanted to know if there was a way that I could transfer a Pokemon from omega ruby to black 2


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Black 2 is a past generation game, so you cannot transfer from OR/AS to Black 2/White 2.
You can, however, transfer from Black 2 to OR by transferring the Pokemon to XY then transferring it over to OR/AS.

Plus, think about it. What would happen if you would trade a Fairy type Poke or a Mega Evolution stone over to Black 2? The game would mess up because Black 2 simply does not have the coding.

EDIT: According to WoonderWaffle, you can actually transfer Pokemon directly from Black 2 to OR.

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Fix: you can trade Pokemon from B2 directly to ORAS. You don't have to go through XY necessarily.
Oh okay! thx, i'll edit it now