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I got a 3DS and Pokemon X for Christmas, so my old DS and Heartgold are just sitting in my room. Is there any way to get my HG Pokemon up to Pokemon X, possibly for free?
Thank you!


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In Black and White, use the Transfer Lab on Route 15.
After that, use the Pokemon Bank to transfer to ORAS/XY

There is no free way, unfortunately, but Pokebank is highly useful and cheap.

You need to complete the National Pokedex and completed the Story in Black/White/BW(II) before you may tranfer from HG/SS using Nintendo DS Download Play.

Thanks- sadly I don't have b/w- whatever, I'll have to deal with it thanks anyways! ^u^
Also, is there any way to transfer OR/AS to x/y?
You trade from ORAS to XY. Simple as that
or you could use pokebank for that. put the pokemon in pokebank in oras and then get them out in x
one last thing. how do you GET pokebank?
u dont need to finish ur national dex... I remember.
download pokebank from nintendo eshop. there's an annual fee of 5 dollars