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I'm playing Alpha Sapphire and I'm trying to catch Kyogre. I got the Master Ball but I feel I should use it on something else. I have 30 Ultra Balls and I have killed Kyogre 3 times. Is there a better Pokemon I should use the Master Ball on? A harder Pokemon to catch? Or should I use it on Kyogre?


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Ultimately, it is your opinion. My thought: save it for deoxys. You could also trade the master ball for something good. I got a darkrai for it. If you don't want to capture it, here's my suggestion:

Throw a pokeball / quick ball immediately, as it may catch it (no joke, this is how I caught several of my legends)

If that doesn't work out, do this:

Taunt. It has Aqua ring, so it can heal so it never has 1 HP when you try and catch it. Then, use thunder wave. This improves the chances of capture. Next, use a kind of strong move, as you don't want to knock it out. When it's really low, start spamming false swipe or hold back (if you still have that on possible event beldum) to get it to lowest health possible. Lastly, use your ultra balls, pokeballs, etc to get the rain whale. I wish you luck on your quest to capture thee legendary whale. Hope I helped!

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I can get Quick Balls? I don't remember seeing any in the store.
Oh. Woops. WAIT! You can get ONE at route 114.
It might have been my mistake, although to check I'll have to leave the cave and come back, which I'm not sure I can do.
Are you required to go through route 114?
Just a note: GF drastically increased the catch rate of Rayquaza, seeing as you MUST catch him to continue. Many people, myself inculded, have captured him full health with the vanilla Poké Ball. The Master Ball would be a waste on the ORAS Rayquaza.
You can also buy them at fallabor town poke mart.
What's GF, what's the Vanilla ball, and am I able to leave the cave and come back?
Yes you are. GF is Game Freak.
What about the Vanilla ball?
How I killed it was I accidently made it have no moves left, so it used struggle, therefore hurting it self by recoil. Killing itself :(
Vanilla ball= regular  pokéball
Ohhhhhh, thx
OMG!! I caught it with a Quick Ball! Thank you LucarioMaster448 so much for the suggestion of the Quick Ball! I never would have thought of it!
Could I possibly have best answer? I am one of the reasons you caught the whale.
First, I already voted for yours, and second, your the only reason I caught Kyogre :) it took me about 5 Quick Balls to catch it, but it was worth it. I just kept running from it XD
Ok that's cool. Random factor was included, though.
You don't really need the spoiler there. :P
Also, don't ask for BA (best answer), it makes you look like a scumbagarino.

Poke_Fan_Girl, you can select a "best answer" (the one that answers your question the best) by clicking the green check mark next to the answer.
Ohhhh, I'm pretty new to this site, so I thought the up arrow meant that I was voting it for best answer
Wait a minute... Quick Ball effects only work on the first turn though :/
It would have the same catch rate as a normal Pokeball afterwards..
That's why you save before right before you get to the legendary. I bought 10 Quick Balls and every time one failed on the first turn, I would run from the whale and then come back( don't know if this works for all legendaries though).  If I ran out(which I didnt) you just turn the power off and then back on again.
Or soft reset
I don't know what soft reset is
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In my opinion, it would probably be a good idea to save it for Deoxys. That thing is a pain in the butt to catch so you might want to use it to simplify matters. Try using a Quick ball and then and then a ton of Dusk balls and you should be able to catch it.. Also consider Hold Back or False Swipe since you keep knocking it out.

Thanks, but I caught it yesterday. Great job on the answer though! Also, do you catch Deoxys in the Mirage Cloud and what moves does he have
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In my opinion you should save it for Cress. That thing is so annoying, it has a catch rate of 3. I had to get a masterball from my secret base to come close to catching that thing.


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