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Pokeblocks seem to give affection in amie for me. I had never pet my pikachu, and one day I went into Pokemon amie and my pikachu had 5 hearts. I had fed it many pokeblocks though. My question is, do better (like rainbow+>yellow) blocks gove more affection?

I would imagine the + ones would give more but who knows
Likewise, but I remember in Gen lll that there was a guy who could identify what flavor your pokemon liked, I'd also think that their preferred flavor would impact affection. That said, I would also assume a pokemon eating a flavor they DON'T like would lose some affection or not gain any at all.
Found the answer. Winning contests adds affection, and pikachu had won many contests.

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Possibly. Depending on the nature of your Pokemon they will like one taste and dislike another. Here is a link showing this for you http://www.serebii.net/pokemon_advance/nature-taste.shtml
however I could not find anything about affection, only contest stats and even still the favorites and least favorites could affect the "cupcakes" in Pokemon amie which are coloured in the same way.

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