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Say a ground-type Pokemon uses Fissure against a, say, Sylveon. On normal circumstances, if the Sylveon DOESN'T have high affection (which it should because it needed high affection to evolve in the first place), then it would faint. But if it DOES have high affection, would those OHKO moves kill it?

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But that's not saying even a word about 'High affection'!
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If it has Sturdy, it is unaffected by OHKO moves.

Generations III and IV
Sturdy makes the Pokémon unaffected by one-hit knockout moves.

Generation V onward
In addition to Sturdy's previous effect, Sturdy now works like a Focus Sash, causing the Pokémon to have 1 HP remaining if another Pokémon's attack or confusion damage would have brought it from full health to 0 HP.


Focus Sash also prevents OHKO moves.

If the holder has full HP and is hit by an attack that would otherwise cause fainting (including a one-hit knockout move), it survives with 1 HP.


As for Affection, it is currently unknown whether or not Affection can stop an OHKO move. Affection can sometimes guarantee an effect like Focus Sash, but for OHKO moves specifically I can't find any sources that indicate if that is the case. If you guys know the answer to this please tell me.

And, for clarificstion, the only OHKO moves at the time of writing this are:

  • Horn Drill
  • Guillotine
  • Sheer Cold
  • Fissure
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Yeah! But the accurate estimation of High affection is still unknown. So may or may not work. That's what we can infer!
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No! It won't kill the Pokémon with any one of the above conditions except High affection. Because High affection won't work always. It may or may not happen. So we can't surely say that High affection will help to survive a KO move. So don't trust affection.

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Source : Experience. And this for confirmation.

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