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After reaching a certain level of affection in Poke Amie / Pokémon Refresh, the Pokémon gains an additional chance to evade the opponent’s attacks on top of the moves’ regular accuracy checks, even allowing them to evade attacks listed as having 100% accuracy. But what if the opponent uses something like Swift or has No Guard, which bypass the regular accuracy check entirely? Could the Pokémon still dodge with the affection bonus?

Dont think so...
The only good place to prove this question true is the league. But the league doesn't have what you want (maybe)... Affection isn't online or on quick link.
I can test by battling a No Guard Pokemon with affection a lot, If you'd like, mostly because moves that always hit are harder to test :P

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No, these moves can't miss. Sorry for the short answer, it's just that there is really no way to actually test it because it may just keep hitting due to luck, and my other sources (Bulbapedia, Serebii, etc.) don't have anything on it either, so this is more of an inference, but if it says it can't miss, it probably won't miss. Plus technically, "affection" raises evasiveness, so... ya.

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