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What are all the abilities that increase stats upon use of a type move, and the type has a multi hit ability and a Pokemon with skill link to use said move. beat up dosent need skill link, and I know of justifide and beat up. oh, could you include Pokemon that make good use of said ability?(ex: terrakion justifide combined with a beat up mon beside it to use beat up on it in a double/triple/multi battle.)?

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Could you please rewrite that question please? I can barely understand it.
Sorry. Basically all pokemon that have an ability like justified that activate upon a type that has a multi strike move BUT only if a pokemon has skill link and said move, beat up dose not require skill link however.(ex:things like rattled granbull and mega heracross with pin missile or beat up and justified gallade.)and could you leave some pokemon that could actually use the ability as well? Just so I don't haveto spend time hunting the right mMon and more team building around something that catches my eye on the list if you do.

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Unfortunately, the only Abilities that will activate from multi-hit moves are Justified, Rattled, and Sap Sipper. However, Bullet Seed (the only multi hit Grass move) only activates Sap Sipper once. And Pokemon that learn Beat Up can not have the Ability Skill Link. The only working possibility is Mega Heracross with Skill Link and Pin Missle and a Pokémon with Rattled as their ability.

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-facepalms- beat up doesn't need skill link. And rattled activates from beat up.