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I need a good wall both special and physical but not dusclops because he can't learn a restoring move and i'd prefer that it can learn stealth rocks and spikes but it doesn't have to and hopefully it can learn some type of move that helps heal . Please provide ev spread ability nature and move list

         thank you in advance
Try a Shuckle pretty sure it can learn Stealth Rocks or Spikes. It can use Rest for recovery. Take a look at the movesets in Pokebase for it.

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[email protected]/Rocky helmet ability: Iron Barbs
Evs: 252hp/100def/156Sdef
-stealth rock
-Power whip
-thunder wave
Careful nature

Specially defensive Heatran with will o wisp also works well.

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i was thinking gyro ball though because of the god awful speed
That also works well, but I *think* power whip gives more coverage, and honestly this is a sample from somewhere else :P
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Cresselia is a great Mixed Wall.

Cresselia @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Bold
252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD

-HP Fire/Psychic
-Ice Beam/Reflect
-Thunder Wave/Toxic

Despite wishing that it just had a little bit more to work with, Cresselia can utilize an effective defensive set with its unique movepool. Moonlight is used as the primary healing move and as such will be used a lot of the time. It is important to note that Moonlight has its shortcomings; it heals less health in sand and rain and has limited PP. Because of this, it should not be used excessively. Psychic is the main STAB move and allows Cresselia to chip down opponents and hit Fighting-types super effectively. Despite its slight nerf, Hidden Power Fire can also work well in this slot. Not only does it dispose of defensive Ferrothorn, but it also gives Cresselia a way to get past Scizor. Ice Beam rounds off the coverage and is a superb move for hitting physically based Dragon-types, Pokemon that Cresselia will often need to wall. Cresselia's final moveslot is dedicated to a status move best fit to the team. Toxic allows Cresselia to spread residual damage and slowly defeat Pokemon, whereas Thunder Wave is best fit for teams that have enough offensive firepower to finish off slower threats. However, Thunder Wave is inferior to Toxic when the team has enough defense to stall Pokemon out. Reflect is an option over either of the moves and enhances Cresselia's ability to take physical hits, allowing it to escape Pursuit more easily and can be used to support teammates.

Source: Smogon

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Um how about

This mixed wall: Sableye
[email protected] Prankster careful nature
-Knock Off
-aww tits nightshade maybe? I'll edit in a minute with a nature
Ev: 252hp/252Sdef/4def
Will o wisp patches up the lopsided def evs, but those two can be adjusted as you see fit.

im already running a staller setup on sableye with
 protect (to further stall)
ive used it to sweep the elite four
Lol how'd you sweep the elite 4 with a stalling Sableye XD esp. given Malva is a fire type gym leader, also I think your Sableye set you commented with is good, Toxic does the job better than w-o-w imo. But seriously how'd u sweep with that XD