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When I went to the battle resort in Pokemon ORAS I explored the place and I saw Looker. He asked where he was and then a women came and took him to her cabin. I found her cabin and then talked Looker and all he did was give me a mega stone. He apparently lost his memories and all he remembers is waking up on the beach. Is there a story behind all this? Can you get looker's memories back or what? Please help!


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No, you cannot get looker's memories back. The only thing he does it give you the Audinite.
Looker has been in all games since Platinum. In X/Y, at the end of the Looker sidequest, he had to leave to go to a different region and somehow ended up at the battle resort in Hoenn.
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But Mr. Powers proves that chronologically Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire  comes before X and Y my friend just started the side quest but I can't quite remember the details for it
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Nothing else happens.

His only purpose in ORAS is to give you the Audinite so you can mega-evolve Audino. You cannot do anything else to help get his memories back, so he is fairly unimportant in this game. He has larger roles in other games, however.

Source: Experience and no info here.