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You probably thought he meant legendaries, I think he meant regular Pokemon, but genderless.
Thanx mewderator
no, i know what he meant. you cant breed ditto, nor any legendary.  i commented because i wasnt sure about anything else

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Certain genderless Pokemon can breed with DItto. They are:

  • Magnemite and its evolutions
  • Beldum ans its evolutions
  • Bronzor and its evolutions
  • Baltoy ans its evolutions
  • Carbink
  • Voltorb and its evolutions
  • Golett and its evolutions
  • Klink ans its evolutions
  • Lunatone
  • Phione
  • Manaphy (produces Phione)
  • Porygon and its evolutions
  • Rotom
  • Shedinja
  • Solrock
  • Staryu and its evolutions
  • Unown
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