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I've heard that Volcarona is a near legendary pokemon, but where is it!!!


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At the end of Relic Castle, there is a Turnback Cave-like labyrinth. Just always go down and left and you should find it easily. Level 70, so be prepared

This really helped  so I'm going to try and catch it but if this doesn't help and I fail to catch it I will hatch the egg on R.18 and evolve
Yea , that would be a good idea .
How about saving game before challenging it? :D :D :D
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You can also get it another way .
On route 18 there is a house ,in the house talk to the guy in the red suit and hat and he will offer you an egg . The egg after hatching will be a level.1 larvesta i.e. the pre-evolution of volcarona .
Hope I helped.

Thanks if way 1 doesn't work I'll try your way
Sure , just know that this way I suppose will get you the pokemon before the relic way .
Depends on if you try and level it or not.  Going from level 1 to level 59 is quite a grind if you can't use the Elite 4 and an EXP share.
plus relic castle is level 70!