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When you see hidden Pokemon in grass or water or in a cave, some of them look like theyre supposed to, and not as a dark shape. Ones I know of are pikachu and skitty, but can anyone make a list of all of them? This is what I am talking about.

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Skitty (It's tail)
Poochyena (It's tail)
Pikachu (It's tail)
Zigzagoon (It's tail)
Ralts (The top of it's head)
Kecleon (It's invisible)
Sharpedo (It's fin)
Roselia (Flower "hands")

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This is fairly old, but I just want to add that roselia also seems to have this effect.
Its pom pom flowers, right?
I can't find anything about it and I lost my OR game, I'll try to see if it works asap
The top of its head (slightly) and its arm-flowery things
Another one. Sharpedo's fin
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All Pokémon will appear as a shadow (grass), wave (water), dust ball (cave), ghost (ghost type-Pokemon) or light (some electric type Pokémon) except Poochyena, Skitty, Pikachu, and Zigzagoon who will show each of their respective tails.

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