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Sit down, children, and let me tell you a tale.
So there I was, one day long ago, just about yesterday, when I decided to finally start the Delta Episode. I went through all the long and somewhat interesting text, before finally being able to run around and stuff. I decided to mess around on Route 1 for a little. In particular, I wanted to find a Lillipup. So I ran around, and soon I heard a cry that I thought was Lillipup. I snuck toward it, and to my surprise, the silhouette was that of a Zorua. I shrugged and thought, "Zorua's cool too," and walked into the patch of grass. Before the Zorua appeared, I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if this was shiny?"

And of course, it was shiny.

So my question is, does that mean this shiny Zorua was full odds, or not? Please provide a source! Thanks! :D

can I has pls?
Nu, nevar :3
Same happened with me: When I was catching tornadus I was like : lol I don't think its gonna be a shiny and BAM shiny
No, it wasn't full odds because you have a magic power called Extreme Psychic Shininess that enables you to get a shiny when you wish for it. B) the odds were 1/10 man.
Leafeon I think it's the game's way of making it back up to me after it made a shiny Terrakion appear and then Rock Slide Flinch my team to death.
:o Arceus must've been angry and punished you :0 But now he has given you the gift of the Shiny Zorua, so all is well
Yep! :D

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So, the base chance for a generation 6 shiny is 1/4096.

Considering you found it at seemingly random, as well as the DexNav not affecting the shininess factor of a Pokemon, your odds were just the base chance, 1/4096, or 0.024414062% chance.


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What Mewderator was saying is this zoura had the same percentage of being shiny as any other pokemon and congrats you got very lucky!