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Hello there, I'm trying to get a Shiny Zorua in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire by using the DexNav. I'm not doing any chaining methods. (though I did try some) I don't have a Shiny Charm and I'm at 450 encounters. I've heard that the statistics for DexNav hunting is around 1/400 or 1/500. I've also heard people getting encounters of over 1,000.
Also, some people say to do chaining while others say that chaining doesn't change the odds. Should I keep on hunting for the shiny, or is this method not a reliable way of finding one, or, should I instead do the masuda-method even without a Shiny Charm?

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Yes, I already checked that website
Okay... so what was the chance that it showed?
I've personally had a lot of success with dexnav hunting and I've found it a lot easier than using the masuda method. So far using it I've hunted 3 shinies, and I got each in less than 500 encounters - my quickest was 295 encounters to get a shiny Skitty. I'd definitely recommend it.
Did you have a shiny charm?
According to the calculator, the chances increase with a shy charm.
No I didn't have a shiny charm, I haven't filled the dex yet.
Alright, Thank you for the comments.

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DexNav can be reliable, or can't be. It just depends on the luck you have and the odds are 1/512 like the friend safari in Pokemon X & Y, so it isn't chained and the shiny charm dosen't affect the odds at all. Even though you don't have a shiny charm, I would do Mesuda Method over this any day because you can control IVs, and if it has it's hidden abilty or not (if you are using the parent that has a hidden ability) also if you have a cute charmer at the front of your party I think, once again, I think, that it could increase the chances of it being the opposite gender of the cute charmer. You can also controll if it has egg moves. I would personally use the DexNav to get a perfect parent Pokemon and use a good foreign Ditto to breed with to get a shiny.

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