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It learns so many Fighting-type moves, and less bug type moves. It's Mega Evolution is a Bug- and Flying-type. Why not Fighting?

If it was Bug/Fighting then it would have to much similarity to mega Heracross

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Pinsir doesn't look like a fighting type

Most Pokemon are typed based on the way they look. It looks more like a Bug, Steel, or Flying type than a Fighting type. Its Mega Evolution is Flying type because it has very ornate and obvious wings.

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Lol guess what, there's a pokemon that looks like a dragon and yet isn't -.-
That's very true, (I'm guessing you mean Vibrava and Goomy) but Game Freak can be trolls xD I'm pretty sure they did stuff like that coz they're... Game Freak :T
I think he means Charizard :v
O.o I read it wrong xD I thought he said "There's a Pokemon that doesn't look like a dragon but is one." xD omg my amazing reading
Charizard no dragon, charizard lizard with flappy flap wings.
Lmao XD
Mega Charizard Y is a bigger flappy flap winged lizard. thats not a dragon