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My flygon OHKOed a tyranitar in Pokemon showdown, and I thought, why is tyranitar in OU and flygon in uber? Against each other, flygon is obviously superior. (I also OHKOed a charizard Y with stone edge..so explain about that too plz

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Yes and Shedinja can beat any Pokemon that doesn't have a super effective move. That does not mean Shedinja is good. That sort of logic is ridiculous.
"why is tyranitar in OU and flygon in uber?" Flygon is not Ubers btw .-.

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Why is Flygon in UU if it can beat Tyranitar / Charizard?

Because that's not how tiers work.

Also Flygon has significantly worse niches both of those in OU. Those two mons create weather.
this is common sense

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Flygon is even horrible in UU lol
My Scarf Farfetch'd beat a Breloom!!!
Why is Farfetch'd not OU?!?!?!?
Scarf Farfetch'd is not OU! Stick Farfetch'd is!
LOL that "this is common sense"! ":D